Photography Club Snaps into the New Year


Cassandra Ammann

Camryn Degutis, Staff Writer

To further their skills, photography club meets after school every other Tuesday in room 402.

“My favorite part of photography club is getting to meet people who have the same passion as me,” club president senior Alexus Castillo said. “I love getting to help them and bring them together.”

A typical club meeting begins with talking about upcoming dates and events. Then the club shows off members’ work and critiques it.

“It’s easy being the sponsor of the club,” sponsor Chad Hardin said. “The students run everything from the schedule, meeting times, information, reminders, t-shirts and to the agenda.”

After showing off members’ work, the club goes into its studio time. This is where the club photographs models, who are also a part of the club, with the theme of the day.

“I wanted the students to have a fun place to be creative,” Hardin said. “Ideas and suggestions [about what to photograph] are welcomed by any member.”

The theme of the day is thought up by the members of the club. It can include nature, portraits and studio photography.

“I want to help people to improve their works,” vice president senior Marcus Ibarra said. “I think I personally pertain the knowledge to help a lot of people grow if they ask me to help.”

This semester, the photography club has already had several meetings. Next semester, the club plans to have an outdoor shoot to help students get images to put in competitions.

“I hope to accomplish actually bringing people together who have a passion for photography,” Castillo said. “I want to make a community not just for photographers but also for models at Klein Collins.”

Anyone who has a passion or interest for photography can join the club. The club also welcomes models who would also like to advance their skills.

“Anyone can join, models or photographers,” Ibarra said. “If you are interested in photography, bring your camera. Do not be afraid to take pictures. If you are good looking, bring yourself and [your] confidence. Be ready for people to take pictures of you.”