Junior Year: Expectations, Observations, and Challenges


Students walking in school hallway. Image source: Getty Images

Jessica Nettles, Staffer

As the school year started again, 769 juniors entered Klein Collins High School. Many students didn’t know what to expect, but the one thing they did know was the inevitable courses that came with 11th grade.

Junior Ava Aldrige described the difficulty with the heavy workload regarding dual credit classes at the school.

According to the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)  website, junior year is a vital year for future planning after high school. The year is full of excitement and stress with standardized tests around the corner but great plans for a future after high school.

Junior year is also composed of great moments at, “football games and being with my friends,” Aldrige said.

While students like to take time every year to spend with their friends and family, junior year seems to be a great year to find time to balance work and fun.

When asked what advice he had to give to juniors next year Jared Rasmussen had this to say, “Don’t procrastinate, it will only make your life harder, and you won’t learn the information needed to succeed.”

To have a good junior year you need to work hard and pay attention in your classes as well as be aware about your grades since college applications are around the corner.

As we head into the next semester,  it is important for students to remember how important junior year is and the enjoyment that comes along the way.