First High School Dance

Mia Trujillo, Staff Writer

A well-lit room with colored lights flashing in every direction, decorations hanging from the walls and ceilings, with people laughing and dancing all around.

Homecoming is just around the corner.

“I’m really excited for homecoming,” Abby Parrow said. “I think as a freshman it’ll be really fun; I’m looking forward to it.”

Abby Parrow is a freshman, and it’s her first homecoming.

“I’m really looking forward to the homecoming game and everyone seeing my dress,” Parrow said.  “My dress is a silk satin baby blue dress, it’s pretty and I really like it.”

Other than her dress, Parrow will be going to homecoming with her group.

“I’m going to go to eat with some friends and take pictures.” said Parrow, “Then we’re going back to my place to watch movies and have a sleepover.”

Throughout the week, there were dress up days, and Parrow participated in all of them.

“I think my favorite day was 90’s or 70’s day,” Parrow said. “It was cool and fun to see everyone [else] dressed up and to dress up.”

This past week, Parrow has not only been looking forward to the dance, but also the football game.

“The football game will be a lot of fun,” Parrow said. “Basically, everyone [I know] is going, and it’ll be a blast. I just hope I get a seat.”

Parrow is already imagining what the dance will be like.

“When I think about it, I imagine decorations everywhere, music blasting, and just having a good time.“

Parrow anticipates having the time of her life at the dance.

“I’m just really hoping that I’ll have a good time,” Parrow said. “I can’t wait for it.”