Student Council Plans Homecoming

Kaitlyn Seifert, Staff Writer

Student council is an organization of students that plan events and activities for the school. Every year they plan the homecoming dance. However, nobody really knows what it takes to plan such a big event and how stressful it is.

Sacara Hopper is a Junior at Klein Collins, officer of treasure in STUCO (student council) and she gave us the details

“You get to go to the summer workshop, which is a weeklong student council thing where a bunch of the districts come together, and we all spend the week going over leadership success and over motivational speeches and how we can benefit our school and then we talked to other schools about what they did to benefit their school. And it’s fun being an officer because you get to experience that stuff with like, your closest friends.”

Student council is a great experience, however there is also some weird rules you must go by when planning things, for instance the homecoming dance.

“Currently we aren’t allowed to have tables, Mr. Kirk said he wants to leave dancing room for all the students. And we must keep the lights on during because we want to be able to see everything.”

Planning the dance is just as difficult, there are so many little details to worry about. Picking a theme, budgeting money, posting on social media, etc.

“Well, as officers, we normally plan everything out for whatever project we’re working on. Money budgeting, posting on social media, writing out our briefs. So, we must give a description of like every project we do. That’s usually what we’re doing every day in STUCO”

Homecoming takes a very long time to plan according to Sacara.

“Homecoming has been in the works for a while like it was before school, we had to like, come up with stuff like the homecoming theme. So, everyone would all sit in the same room, and we would all come up with themes, and then we would agree on which one we think is the best. And this was like, two weeks before school started. So, we’ve been working on it since then, until now.”

Student council has worked very hard, spent lots of money, and given much of their time working on this dance. This just goes to show how under appreciated they can really be.