Student Urges Votes for Perry

Amidst the emerging candidates of our country’s Republican Party, one man stands above the rest, Texas Gov. Rick Perry.
Perry’s 11 years of service as governor give him experience and an impressive record of accomplishments, including job creation and fiscal responsibility. Perry will do a good job of turning the country’s economy around and increase the number of jobs, which seems to be the biggest problem facing our nation.
I hear complaints of Perry behaving too conservatively. A number of people see him as a babbling redneck who will shoot any wild animal that crosses his path. I have heard people complain that he “supports the second amendment.” Maybe he does support some rights too deeply, but I enjoy that Perry knows and embraces his liberties. I would rather have a president passionate about his rights than one who conforms and becomes a puppet of Washington.
I dislike the stereotypical career politician as much as the next person. Contrary to common belief, Perry did not come from a long line of politicians. He went without indoor plumbing for the first five years of his life, was born and raised in a small community, worked on his family farm and graduated from Texas A&M University. In 1972, Perry enlisted in the United States Air Force. His military experience shows me he will efficiently lead our military’s spending and take them in a more capable manner than our current president.
Perry’s first public office represented his rural neighborhood in the Texas House. He went on to serve as agriculture commissioner and lieutenant governor. He then became governor and  won three full terms since. As governor, Texas became the leading state in the country in job creation. Since December 2000, the United States has lost 2.5 million jobs, while Texas has created one million. In fact, Texas has created 40 percent of the jobs in America since 2009. Perry also reduced revenue spending, the only Texas governor do to so since WWII. He has cut taxes on small businesses, vetoed more than $3 million in proposed spending and set aside $6 billion for future needs.
After the recent debate, I realized that other capable candidates exist and many of them would make competent presidents. However, Perry’s actions in Texas in the face of economic disaster, show what he will do for the rest of the country as president. His record shows the facts. No candidate, incumbent or not, will do as good of a job as Perry.