Texas Gov. Unsuited for Presidential Office

On Aug.13, Gov. Rick Perry put the rumors to rest and announced his run for president. Labeled anything from “George Bush on steroids” by CNN to “The Lone Star Warrior” by Time Magazine, Perry has quickly emerged as the poster child for a better America. Voters may gravitate towards him because of his charming wit and gorgeous hair, but I am not fully convinced. I do not scream with excitement whenever he takes the stage and gives the crowd a wink. I cross my fingers hoping he does not say something that further fuels Texan stereotypes.

In his 10 years as governor, 235 death row inmates were executed. This stands as a record for the most people executed while in office for any modern governor. While I am not against the death penalty,  the way Perry takes it so lightly deeply disturbs me.
During the republican candidate debate, I was shocked when people started clapping after mediator Brian Williams questioned Perry about the death penalty. As Perry justified his stance, the camera panned across to the other candidates. Most were looking forward, most likely preparing for the next question, but former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was turned to Perry with a stare that said “you have got to be kidding me.”  Romney’s shocked expression reassured me that sane Republicans still exist.

Our country jumps from one extreme to the other. One day a strong-willed Republican like George W. Bush is voted into office, only to be  replaced with an extreme liberal like Obama. When Obama first took office, people stocked up on ammunition in fear that a reform would take place. If Perry becomes president, guns may litter the streets. Perry takes sensitive issues like gun control and twists them into a cheap joke. In a recent interview he joked, “I do believe in gun control. Use both hands.”

Perry’s witty remarks have charmed Republicans but have also provided new material for late night talk show hosts. Perry’s poor judgment has brought him in an array of problems.  He offends religious people, accuses his peers of treason, and threatens to secede from the union. Our country has enough problems. He may start World War III over something petty like having his steak served without potatoes.

His unclear intentions cause  me to not trust him. I do not need a repeat of the Bush Administration. When the 2012 election comes, and I vote for the first time, I want to leave knowing that I voted for the right person.