Remake of classic movies allows for renewed bond

Megan Parman

We can rely on Hollywood for endless entertainment in our otherwise humdrum lives. From a romantic date with that special someone, movie night with the girls, or those nights alone that no one admits to having because you have nothing better to do, there is a film for every occasion. Not only can we enjoy originals but it is also possible to almost relive some of the best times of our lives because many of our favorite childhood memories are being remade.

Twisting these stories into something older is brilliant because it allows our favorite movies and characters to grow up with us.

We all loved a perfect happy ending when we were five. A simple story to help us fall asleep at night, but as we grow up something in us searches for something darker. Now we want to be frightened or shaken and recreating our characters and showing them to us in a different light quenches this thirst. Take a children’s character, add ten years, throw in a scandalous situation or two along with mysterious scenes to race a heart, and mix well for a perfect revamping of a film already well renowned and adored.

Not only does remaking these wonderful tales into mature films make them enjoyable all over again but they also reach a wider audience. Perhaps when you were younger, love stories and flowers were not your cup of tea, well Hollywood has you covered with a mystifying alternative to these sappy stories. When Little Red Riding Hood is not quite so little anymore and evil takes turns down roads we did not know it was capable of, our grown up selves will find joy in the complexity of a story unfolded before our eyes that we only thought we knew.

Others may say our generation cannot settle for good, which is true, we must strive for great. Recreating blissful tales takes the playfulness out of our childhood, though this may also be true it is not necessarily a bad thing. Life pinches the playfulness from our lives one birthday at a time and we begin to find fun in ways other than cheesy movies about princesses. Movies are getting better because it is possible for us to enjoy them time and time again in a different perspective than the outlook of a child.