“The Voice” Overpowers “American Idol”

“The Voice,” an American-produced television series in its second season, is a singing competition in which 48 singers from around the nation compete to achieve their dreams of stardom and attain a record deal. The contestants are separated into four teams, each led by a renowned artist. Each season starts with blind auditions where the judges choose the 12 contestants that will be on that judge’s team. The battle rounds, where contestants compete for six spots on each judge’s team proceeds the blind auditions. From this point on, one contestant is voted off each week until there are only three contestants left.

According to hollywoodlife.com, “The Voice” has nearly double the ratings of “American Idol.” With such high ratings compared to its predecessor, “The Voice” wins in both ratings and quality.

“The Voice” shows viewers and other aspiring singers what it truly takes to become a phenomenal artist. In the show’s auditions the judges turn their backs to the contestants, therefore eliminating the appearance bias. The judges truly care about only the contestants’ voice unlike the judges of “American Idol,” who care more about looks. “The Voice” focuses on finding the next big star, rather than finding ways to keep the audience watching.

“American Idol” was very good before Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul left the show. The new judges, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, are not nearly as good as the original “Idol” crew, because they just do not have the same chemistry that Cowell, Abdul, and Jackson had. It feels awkward with Tyler trying to act like Cowell, and Lopez trying to act like Abdul.

“The Voice” is different from any other singing competition. Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton have phenomenal chemistry. No other singing show has a better judging ensemble.

“American Idol” will never again be the best singing competition show as long as “The Voice” remains on the air.