Student Flocks Away From Trend


Lila Love, Staff Writer

In high school, there are a lot of ridiculous hair styles to be seen every day one of those trends being feather hair extensions.

When I first began seeing girls wearing these extensions, I was not even fully aware of what they were. I even tried to yank one out of my friend’s hair. But the feather extension is a feather attached to your actual hair by some sort of fusion. Envision yourself sleeping on a goose down pillow and waking up to find feathers throughout your hair. Boom! You just got feather hair extensions.

I suppose my issue with feathers begins with my phobia of birds. I hate birds. When I was younger, I was traumatized by the Alfred Hitchcock classic, “The Birds”. All the eye pecking and squawking is what I see when I look at the feathers in their hair. Or even more frightening, the scene from “Black Swan” when Natalie Portman begins morphing into the swan and pulls the black feather from her skin.

The biggest fashion faux pas in this so called “trendy” style is when they are attached to someone with greasy/stringy/thinning hair. If one is already a mess, I don’t understand why in the world someone would want to draw more attention to it. A friend of mine actually saw a girl with bangs entirely made up of feathers. The visual alone brings me to tears.

These feathers can cost you up to $400. Yes, girls can pay $400 for craft feathers that they could have just bought at Hobby Lobby. A bird gets these feathers for free, and they are paying the cost of 25 turkey dinners for a humiliating hairstyle that will last maybe seven weeks.

Remember how ridiculous everyone thought Adrienne Maloof of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills looked with her Christmas tinsel “hair bling”? Yeah, that’s exactly what you look like, except the hipster barnyard animal equivalent.