Horoscopes Offer Advice, Escape From Boredom


Leonie Kroeger, Staff Writer

Almost dying of boredom in a waiting room or simply sitting at home while friends are out of town, I flip through magazines, hoping to see something that will brighten my day. Suddenly, I see the horoscopes. Torn by excitement, I look for my star sign, Cancer, and see the quote that tells me what to do with my bad day.

Many people think horoscopes are complete rubbish because not that many people can be in the same life stage. But it has been found that people with the same zodiac sign often fit similar character attributes, so they have similar situations. They are influenced by the same celestial bodies at the same time and can read that in their horoscopes.

The moon is an example of how other bodies in the universe influence how humans live on Earth.  Besides regulating the tides and people having problems sleeping when the moon is full, it has even been suggested that the full moon might have influenced voter behavior in the U.S. 2000 presidential election.

In horoscopes, we see the effects that the moon, as well as planets like Mars, Venus and Jupiter, have on human life.

Horoscopes give advice with life. They tell some they will have luck on one day and to be careful on others, which is never a bad thing. In addition, the little predictions make some people feel understood and helps them go on with their day.

The inspiration people to try something new and take chances is why many people look forward to reading their horoscopes every day. Reading horoscopes can make time fly by. They make people think about life and what to do with it. Also, the entertainment is excellent, even if some do not believe in it. That is why a lot of people who seem to hate horoscopes always find themselves reading them again.

Not everything can be explained, and astrology, on which horoscopes are based on, is one of those things. That does not mean that it is not there or is not true.