Tablets useful in theory, burden in classroom



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This year, tablets were introduced into the school. Although they were made to minimize paper usage, they have not proven to do so.

The tablets are burdensome and negative overall.

While the tablets are equipped with useful software such as OneNote, many students still prefer paper. Taking notes on a tablet can become distracting. Some students find themselves getting distracted or completing work from other classes. Also, many times students will experience difficulties with the note taking software and the stylus. Notes on paper can sometimes turn out to be easier and more effective and reliable.

Another major aspect that causes tablets to have negative effects stems from technical difficulties. With Internet outages occurring often and glitches in software, students are sometimes forced to waste class time trying to get technology to cooperate. There is no guarantee that the tablets will always run up to the standards needed.

The tablets were supposed to eliminate the use of binders and other school supplies. It was said to reduce paper usage, but students often find themselves still requiring the same amount of paper and supplies, with many classes still requiring binders and handwritten work. This is frustrating to students because of the extra weight the tablet adds to their already heavy backpacks.

The school is right to embrace digital technology, however, to have full effect, students should not be distributed textbooks or given paper assignments. All aspects of school work should be centered around technology and based on the tablets.

While not going completely digital and using the same amounts of paper as before, the tablets have shown to be pointless. If the school wants to make complete and effective use of the tablets, they should give no paper options and completely switch to digital.