Tiger Den Changes: IXL Trouble

The learning site IXL.

The learning site IXL.

Francis Hood, Staffer

This year, the administration has introduced two Tiger Dens and an IXL policy. These changes have brought on controversy throughout students and staff. 

Junior Kaden Bienz finds these changes annoying and not necessary.

Like Bienz, many other students find it pointless to do IXL because it forces students to re-learn information from lower grade levels such as from elementary or middle school.

“I think they’re doing this based on the results of last year, when most people were online,” senior Mario Maldonado said. 

The pandemic made online school available for students and parents that were not comfortable coming on campus again.

In this period of time a lot of students skipped or cheated their way through the year but many did try their best. Even with their best efforts online school was still a struggle nonetheless.

Basing results on a time where many students were not trying as best as they could have, does not make the results truthful.

“I think it allows more break time or study time to do assignments,” sophomore diego hemperly said. 

Not many students see this as a positive change but Hemperly and few others do,

pointing out that it gives more free time and IXL only takes up two of those tiger dens a week.

There are many positives and negatives to this change and because its new some students really dislike the change.