Why Everyone Should Have a Journal


Justin Garcia

Journaling is important for keeping your mental health in check and a way to pour out your feelings to yourself.

Justin Garcia, Staff Writer

Every day, people go through something worth writing about. With a journal, a person can keep a record of their journey through life while doing something beneficial for themselves. Everyone should have a journal as a fun hobby, a healthy way to vent and a unique way to keep track of their lives.

Writing a journal can improve a person’s overall attitude. Journaling allows someone to keep their happiest moments on paper and relive them whenever. It also lets someone be creative and design their journal however they want. Some can also make their journals a portfolio and go crazy on the design aspect. There are many people obsessed with sharing their bullet journals online and giving tips to others. There is a whole community that someone can be a part of and contribute to. Along with it being a fun hobby, journaling is inexpensive and easy to do.

A person’s journal can also be used as if they were talking to a friend or therapist. When someone writes their problems down they are able to analyze them more clearly and understand what they are feeling. Understanding their own thoughts can really improve their mental health. If someone struggles with depression, being stressed or anxiety, a journal could really help them. By looking back at journals, someone can discover what happened in a situation and become aware of some of their faults. This could eventually help someone reach their goals and learn how to be a be a better version of themselves. A journal can be used just for fun, but it can also be used as a vision board. A journal can then be used as a place to create anything you want like book ideas, fashion design, goals and anything the writer is interested in.

When a person writes a journal they are able to see their journey through life. It allows people to track their growth as a person. They are also better than pictures because you can actually know the thoughts in their head. If someone wants to remember an event decades later, a journal can save their thoughts and feeling that they had that day. No matter how good their memory is it is going to fade. With a journal they can keep a record of trips, events, and special moments they would like to keep forever. A journal could also really help future people with memory loss and help them remember and understand who they are. Journaling can really help people understand themselves and remove or add anything they need to in life.

In general, keeping a journal allows a cheap way to have fun, stay mentally healthy, and to look back at one’s life. Having a journal allows someone to look at themselves to be self-aware and improve as a person. Journals can be a work of art to some and a portfolio to their life. Others use it as a way to keep busy and reflect on themselves. With so many ways to keep a journal, everyone is bound to find a special way of doing it their own way.