A Different Kind of Mac


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Mac Miller performing live at Slottsfjell Festival in Tønsberg, Norway on July 17th, 2017.

Maxwell Grady, Staff Reporter

Mac Miller, the critically acclaimed Pittsburgh rapper who passed away in September 2018 has a new album coming out titled “Circles” along with a new song titled “Good News”. This is the first posthumous release from the rapper since his death and has been long awaited by fans, celebrities and others alike.

Mac Miller made a name for himself in 2007 in the Pittsburgh rap scene at the young 

age of 15. His style of rap which included abstract instrumentals, and melodic rhymes that gave him a unique sound that people all across the city of Pittsburgh adored. Later releases included Watching Movies With The Sound Off and Faces which showed a more matured Mac Miller with more refined sounding instrumentals and emotional lyrics. Mac Miller quickly became one of the most beloved and most successful rappers of the previous decade. Unfortunately, his career ended when he was just getting in his prime, passing away at the young age of 26. The album he released a month before his death titled Swimming was nominated for “Best Rap Album” at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in 2018.

The song starts off with a neo-soul, indie pop inspired sound. Miller pours his heart out when it comes to the emotional content of the song. Miller’s  monotone delivery over the slightly cheery instrumental makes for more than just an emotional listen. Miller talks about how everybody wants to make his negative feelings go away but at the same time having no reprieve of his negative feelings. A funky and noticeable bass line appears in between the hook which makes the song have some nifty flavor to it. The track is a beautiful yet convoluted look inside Mac Miller’s emotions. With the beautiful, cheerful production and the colorlessness and pain in Mac Miller’s voice, “Good News” is Mac Miller’s most passionate and poignant song that he has ever released, adding up all the things that happened before the release of this single. It makes for an emotional yet gratifying listen. Although a little long in length, Mac Miller makes all of the 5 minutes and 42 seconds worth it. 

“Good News” is an amazing heart filled song with some of Miller’s most moving and impassioned he’s ever written. lyrics Mac Miller’s “Circles” will be released January 17 2020 on all streaming platforms. Although not the entirety of the album was produced by Mac Miller, it will be a grand testament to the late rapper’s legacy and is highly anticipated.