Disney+ vs Netflix


Jeremiah Ferguson, Staff Reporter

Disney + vs Netflix is an ongoing debate between the two streaming services deciding which is the superior, with no end in sight. Millions of people believe that Disney + is an overall better streaming service than Netflix and here’s why. 

The essential reason why people believe that Disney + is superior to Netflix is due to the content on the app. Disney + allows you to access every short film, show and even every movie they’ve made. As a bonus Disney + also allows you to watch all Marvel and Star Wars Movies and Tv shows, as well as National Geographic’s movies and short films.

Another major reason viewers prefer Disney + over Netflix is the pricing range between the two streaming services. For a month of Disney + it’s only $6.99 while Netflix’s monthly subscription sits at $9 a month. Although Netflix  also offers a premium for $16, Disney + tops Netflix yet again. For $16 you can get access to Disney +, Hulu, and an ESPN + account. 

Some additional reasons why Disney + is superior to Netflix is because of additional features on the app. The app allows you to download as many movies as your device would allow. According to an article from CNET, “The service is supposed to support English, Spanish, French and Dutch at launch, including both user interface as well as audio support and subtitles for library content, with additional languages available for Disney Plus originals.The app also supports closed captioning, descriptive audio and navigation assistance to help subscribers with disabilities.”

Despite what people may think about Netflix, many people still have reason to believe that Netflix is better. This is because of the wide range of shows and movies in every genre. Although Disney + has a wide variety of movies and shows it comes nowhere near the amount of content that Netflix owns. In an article on Diffen, “Netflix has over 100,000 titles in its library. This counts individual episodes of TV shows..” 

 While this may be true, Millions still believe that Disney + is the superior streaming service. This is due to the pricing, content, and other features. Disney + is the superior service.