Seasoned Person Interview


Aliza Marlin

This summer, Marlin got the chance to throw out the first pitch at a Cardinal’s game due to all her that work she’s done for the Adult Congenital Heart Association.

Bailey Heaton, staffer

Scurrying to get back to her Manhattan apartment with her iPhone pressed up against her ear, Aliza Marlin, born September 25th, 1968, reveals her spunky and outrageously strong characteristics. She quickly unveils all of the hardships and happiness that come with age and life.

“Age is a privilege that too many people don’t get to do. I believe that you work really hard to get to the age that you are and that should be celebrated. I think aging is beautiful.”

When asked how Marlin views aging, she responded in such a way that allowed the wisdom that she’s obtained throughout her years to shine through. Most people during this time in their lives act ashamed of their age and wish they were younger. Marlin shows the complete opposite and she knows that people take their age for granted. She believes that age needs to be celebrated because not many people get that extra year.

“Losing Gary (husband) was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Pretty close up there was seeing how it affected everyone I love.”

Widowed at age 49, Marlin has been through the most difficult thing a wife could imagine. Her husband, Gary Marlin, passed away on July 31st, 2018. Their story truly replicated a fairytale and came to an abrupt end. Their love survived for 24 years and ended too soon in the eyes of many. Not only did her hear shatter because of the death of her beloved husband, but because of the hurt of the people she loves most. During this incredibly tough time, she has proven that even through her own grief and hurt, she continues to show beyond doubt, her selflessness and strength for the people she loves.

“The best thing that has ever happened to me would have to be meeting Gary and my two nieces [being born]. Once they came into my life, I felt like a change person because I wanted more for them than I wanted for myself. I moved from selfishness and selflessness.”

Throughout Marlin’s life, as she has gained more and more people that she loves, she has transformed into an amazing, selfless woman. She would do anything and everything for the people she loves, and puts them above herself day after day. Her kind and bigger-than-the-sun sized heart, has caused such a big difference in this world and has impacted the people that surround her.

“Ultimately I would like to write something of meaning that moves people. I want to continue to work for causes that I think are necessary and really important and to ultimately make a difference.”

Marlin has always been a strong advocate of making the world a better place and eliminating hate from the world. She has always worked for or participated in organizations or events that have had great meaning to her. She currently holds a position of the board for the Adult Congenital Heart Association and she actively participated in the Women’s March. Marlin’s love and selflessness has always motivated the people around her to emulate the best and most amiable versions of themselves.

Marlin’s life, even through the traumatic events she’s faced, emulates a beautiful thing that the people around her have received great luck seeing that they got to witness it. Her spunk and strength have gotten her through some very difficult events extremely gracefully. Even though her life has thrown some difficult hardships, her happiness has always prevailed.