Valentine’s Day Is Completely Overrated


Alexis Davis, Copy Editor

It’s that time of year again when everyone is searching for a date, gifts are being bought, flower prices are rising, giant stuffed animals are being put on display and chocolates of all sorts are everywhere.

Valentines can easily be labeled as very materialistic. Valentine’s Day can give people a false sense of love through materialistic gifts. Huge bouquets of roses, boxes of chocolates and giant stuffed animals are exchanged on Valentine’s Day all being materialistic items. Usually, the amount and size of the gifts you receive signifies the more you are loved. It’s almost like everyone is in competition with one another showing off how much they love or are loved, this isn’t how love should be. According to Claude J Easy from, whether you give gifts or not could also put your relationship into jeopardy, over half of women end their relationships due to not receiving a gift for Valentine’s Day. Not only is making Valentine’s Day so materialistic with gifts bad, but why is it a competition between couples to get bigger and better gifts for their special someone. Floral arrangements in the shape of a teddy bear may swoon many people but may also bring broken hearts and tears.

We all like to eat well, but we can forget about that on Valentines Day unless we plan far in advance because all the good restaurants are full from reservations made from months ago for this one special day. It is impossible to go out to a nice restaurant or even a moderately nice restaurant on February 14 without making a reservation ahead of time. Even if you do celebrate and like to enjoy a nice dinner on Valentine’s Day, you better make those reservations at least a week in advance otherwise you and your date may find yourselves eating a McDouble.

During Valentine’s season, most people celebrate with their significant others, which can often times make people feel lonely. Often times it is thought that people who are against Valentine’s Day are just single people who are selfish, well this may not always be the case. Businesses often think only about the money they are making and not about the people, seeing commercials of couples kissing or red and pink gifts everywhere for couples to exchange may bring some people into a deep depression and make them feel very alone during Valentine’s season. There may be other holidays such as Galentine’s Day which is celebrated with your girl friends, but this doesn’t change the fact that Valentine’s Day is truly all about couples.

When you sit down and really think about it, Valentine’s Day is a materialistic and overrated holiday that shouldn’t even be considered a real holiday.