Klein Collins Seniors Reflect on Exiting with a Purpose


Isabella Hoffmeyer

After graduating from Klein Collins, I plan to get a part-time job and then go to Lone Star College. After two years at the college, I plan to transfer to a different college and study hard to complete my master’s degree. 


Aubrey Bishop

After high school, I plan on attending a two-year community college and working a part time job. I hope to find a place to live and by the time I am through with Lone Star, I would like to transfer to Sam Houston and start commissioning my digital and traditional art work.


Adrian Conde

When I graduate from Klein Collins, I don’t plan on going to college. I’m planning on going straight into the workforce to save a good amount of money, then putting some into investments.


Keenan Landers

After high school, I am planning to take a year to save money and evaluate what I would like to do in my life. Right now, I am going to Lone Star but I don’t want to make any long term commitments until I have everything figured out. I would like to eventually attend a 4 year university and major in computer science. 


Corbin Miller

After high school, I plan to take a break year and bounce around some jobs to save up money for a car. I’ll either take an Associate’s degree in music at Lone Star college after the gap year or go to trade school for welding.