Everything is awesome in ‘The LEGO Movie’

All thanks to the LEGO company, kids all across the world have the power to build a skyscraper, a racecar and even a spaceship. To carry out these creations, all anyone had to do was follow instructions found inside the box. However, “The LEGO Movie” promotes the exact opposite of listening to the rules, and all for the sake of imagination.

Hannah McGee / Legacy Press
Student finds “LEGO Movie” to be an interesting and fulfilling film.

Recent movies in the animation realm, such as “Frozen” and “Tangled,” have raised my expectations for any new animation, and “The LEGO Movie” has certainly lived up to them. There is no need to be crazy about plastic mini bricks to be able to enjoy this movie.

The protagonist of the film, Emmet, is the complete opposite of originality. He is a kind-hearted, law-abiding LEGO citizen in a dystopian world who purchases overpriced coffee every morning and gleefully performs his daily routines as a construction worker. Although Emmet wants to fit in with the rest of the population, he fits in a little too well. That’s alright though, because he has hopes and he will have another chance at joining the average. When Emmet falls into a hole at his construction site and stumbles upon the Piece of Resistance, it convinces a female ninja named Wyldstyle and a hippie wizard named Vitruvius that he is the “Special.” When they find out that the antagonist, Lord Business, plans to destroy the world on Taco Tuesday, it is up to Emmet and his friends to save the world.

With its sarcastic comedy and slight romance, there is something for everyone. Even with their strange, bulky anatomy, the characters still come alive and manage a few action scenes so it is guaranteed to please LEGO lovers.

I would recommend this movie to anyone, simply because in this movie, “everything is awesome.”