“The Breakfast Place” Review


Elena Mexicano, Staff Writer

The Breakfast Place is a restaurant on Kuykendahl Rd., serving breakfast and lunch until 2 P.M. each day.

The Design

As soon as I stepped inside The Breakfast Place, I immediately noticed that it was, as one could tell from the outside, rather small. Even so, it had plenty of seating at several checkered tablecloths and booths. The restaurant had several folk details– from roosters to vintage paintings and various metal decor– that made the overall atmosphere of The Breakfast Place homey, comfortable and welcoming. In addition to this setting, one could take note of people constantly flowing in and out the restaurant doors throughout their meals, making any hour at the restaurant seem very full.

The Service

Usually, at busy restaurants with round-the-clock hours there would arise the prediction that there will be a lack of staff and constant slip-ups with orders and horrible service. At The Breakfast Place, however, that prediction can be dismissed. The Breakfast Place is ran with quite a few employees in order to efficiently carry out their own individual responsibilities. My personal experience with the staff also left great impressions. As soon as I was seated by the cashier at the door, my waitress came soon thereafter, ready to serve me a with a sincere smile. The time it takes staff to bring drinks and food is very reasonable, and they do not falter to do it along with their other tasks that needed to be carried out as well. Furthermore, when paying at the cash register, the cashier will easily engage in friendly conversation in between card transactions with anyone.

The Food

Even before being handed my food, I was looking around at the orders being taken to tables around the restaurant. Needless to say, any person at the restaurant will have their mouth watering by the time their meal arrives. The Breakfast Place serves in large, generous portions, where every meal is cooked to perfection. My order consisted of two pork chops, grits, two eggs, and a biscuit. As starving as a person could get, it’s hard to say whether they could be able to finish it or not; the helpings are very large. The two pork chops were good in size, taking over most of my plate along with the eggs; the grits and biscuit were able to fit with just enough space left. The pork chops were juicy and well flavored to say the very least. The homemade biscuit was fluffy, and the grits were perfect– not too runny, not too dry. I took a sample of the eggs– sadly I pretty much only got to sample the grits and eggs– which were far from watery. The flavors of everything I ate were well put together.


The gist of this review is that nothing at The Breakfast Place is done with mediocrity. The Breakfast Place does an excellent job– from the staff’s service to the taste of their food. Though it may seem like an unappealing, easy to pass by restaurant from the outside, it is highly suggested to turn into their parking lot and give it a shot. I was not disappointed, and certainly look forward to my next visit.