English Teacher Previously Trained as Wrestler


Viviana Camarillo

After an injury obtained in a car accident, Woll stopped training to be a wrestler and pursue teaching. “I have a lot of respect for people that make it in this career [wrestling],” Woll said.

Jada East, Staff Writer

She stares at the opponent in front of her, remembering all the moves and tricks she learned from the previous day. With speed and precision, she makes a move and pins her opponent to the wrestling mat.

Before Kelly Woll became an English teacher, she was training to become a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler.

“My brother and I used to watch WWF [World Wrestling Federation] before it was WWE all the time as kids,” Woll said. “I was fascinated by how powerful the women were and dreamt of being like them one day. I never took the dream seriously until after I graduated college.”

While training to be a wrestler, Woll also worked to get her certificate in teaching.

“I did not like very many of my teachers,” Woll said. “So I thought I could make more students interested in English by becoming a teacher and being enthusiastic about it.”

In 2010, Woll was involved in a car accident, which led to having a titanium rod inserted in her leg. The injury eventually caused Woll to stop training because of her constant pains, but Woll said the experience was still a positive one.

“The training showed me just how much pain I could still feel with my leg, and I realized there was no way that I could put up with it, so I had to quit,” Woll said. “This was the best thing that ever happened to me, because they asked me to come back and be a backstage interviewer for Booker T’s training facilities’ show, ‘The Reality of Wrestling.’ I still got to be involved and see everyone I had connected with, which was a dream come true.”

Along with Woll, who still watches wrestling to this day, senior John Trahan-Thomas is interested in the WWE and said he is happy to share something in common with his teacher.

“I think it’s cool that Ms. Woll trained to be a wrestler,” Trahan-Thomas said. “She’s different from all the other English teachers I’ve had. It’s intriguing that I can talk about wrestling, which was a big part of my childhood, with my English teacher.”

Senior Bryant Jones is impressed by Woll’s training.

“When I was a kid, I used to daydream about being a wrestler,” Jones said. “The fact that a teacher trained to be one blows my mind.”

While Woll enjoys both wresting and teaching, she overall prefers teaching.

“I like teaching more, because I actually see the people that I can have an impact on,” Woll said. “I know wrestlers make a difference for some kids, but they do not always get to meet the kids. I get to interact with my students every day.”