Local Natives Make Anthem for Today’s Generation

Graciela Martinez, Webmaster

Local Natives’ third album, “Sunlit Youth,” is a great anthem for today’s generation. One song on the album, “Fountain of Youth,” says “I think we’d better listen to these kids.” which is the message of the entire album. The album suggests that a great future lies ahead for today’s generation.

“Sunlit Youth” begins with the song “Villainy,” a song full of synthesizers and a melodious mix of voices. The album takes the listener through a journey of happiness and brings awareness to the ability of everyone to make their own choices in life.The album ends with the song “Sea of Years,” a delightful conclusion, leaving the listener satisfied and triumphant.

Something different in this album that is not found in the past albums is a solo from Kelcey Ayer, a background singer for the band. In the song “Coins,” Ayer gives his listeners the ability to finally hear his voice without other members. “Coins,” overall, is the most unique song on the album because of its R&B vibe.

Local Natives’ first album, “Gorilla Manor,” was released in 2009. This brought many opportunities for Local Natives, making a name for them and establishing them a lasting seat in the indie alternative rock scene. Four years later, in 2013, the band released their second album, “Hummingbird,” which introduced a different side of them, one that is much more melancholy. During the making of “Hummingbird,” the band members went through some tough times, which explains their saddened sound.

While the “Sunlit Youth” album is a hit, there are still some minor weaknesses. It has a typical sound that can be heard in other “indie bands,” such as Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear. Even though Local Natives are praised for their use of synthesizers in “Sunlit Youth,” the sounds can sometimes be distracting from the vocals and lyrics.

Even so, the messages behind each song are worth overlooking the album’s shortcomings. People should go out of their way to listen to it. “Sunlit Youth” will leave the listener with a feeling of optimism for their own lives and ultimately the world.