Invitation to Presidential Inauguration


Graciela Martinez

Senior Basseema Abouassaad is grateful for being nominated to attend the presidential inauguration. “Its something I”ve wanted to do since the 2008 election,” Abouassaad said.

Jada East, Staff Writer

She watches the historic event with awe in her eyes. There, on the TV screen, are the shining faces of the country’s new president and vice president. She watches as the crowd cheers, wanting desperately to be in their shoes. Now she has the chance to be.
The presidential inauguration is a ceremony where the winners of the election are sworn into the office as president and vice president. The ceremony will be at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on Jan. 20. Senior Basseema Abouassaad was nominated by social studies teacher, DeAnne Thompson, to attend the ceremony.
“[Attending the event is] extremely important to me,” Abouassaad said. “This is history in the making, and getting the chance to witness it in person would be life-changing.”
According to Abouassaad, experiencing an important historical event such as this is a good way to become more connected to one’s country.
“I think it would really help me grow in character and strengthen my insight to this country,” Abouassaad said. “Being the first generation in my family to be raised in America, I’m always looking for new ways to get more connected with America’s history and its current culture. I feel like going to the inauguration would be the perfect way.”
It is not surprising Abouassaad was selected to go to the inauguration, according to senior Cassidy McSween.
“For as long as I’ve known Basseema, she has always demonstrated a vast knowledge of politics,” McSween said. “Not only is it a once in a lifetime experience, but I think she would greatly benefit from it as well.”
Debate sponsor Christine Phillips also commended Abouassaad for her nomination.
“She is a very dedicated and tenacious student,” Phillips said. “She also doesn’t mind sharing her opinion to anyone who asks.”
While the price to attend the event is expensive, Abouassaad believes that it will be worth it in the end because this experience will have a significant impact on her future.
“The reason why I’ve been dreaming about going to the inauguration is because I hope that I can be up there one day,” Abouassaad said. “It might be a stretch that a Muslim, Arabic-American woman could be president, but I firmly believe that with hard work, determination and the passion that I have for politics, it is absolutely possible.”