Student By Day, Model By Night

Danielle Garza, Business Manager

She struts down the runway in designer clothes with perfect hair and impeccable makeup. This is a typical day on the job for senior Audrey Garcia.

Garcia models for the CII agency and first got discovered when her and her sister participated in a mini fashion show for the Art Institute of Houston.

“The manager from there came up to me and said you should be part of the African fashion show for Houston,” Garcia said. “I participated in it, and because of her I now model for her and her agency.”

Unlike most models who start their career at an early age, Audrey caught a lucky break when she was just watching the fashion show her sister was participating in.

“Modeling is something you have to find a way to get into,” Garcia said.”The only way I got in was through my sisters friend who asked my sister and I to be backup models for the Art Institute show.”

Audrey’s mom, Teresa Garcia used to model and when Audrey got the opportunity to model for the Art Institute of Houston, Teresa was ecstatic.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for her to network in many arenas,” Audrey’s mom said. “You never know where modeling is going to take you and not everybody gets this opportunity, I want her to enjoy it for as long as she can.”

Even though modeling has been an amazing experience for Audrey, the hectic schedules and long hours affected her school work and even her health, she decided to slow down on when she could work.  

“I’ve had to learn that I can only choose to be in certain shows,” Garcia said. “At the beginning of my career I became so busy and I’d always get home so late and then I’d have to wake up early for school and then I would have to go to work that my body got so stressed and so overwhelmed that I actually got sick. I slept a whole entire day because I was so tired from having to do something every day nonstop.”

Because of Audrey’s sister, Audrey is able to express herself more freely and is able to do something she enjoys.

“I think her modelling is great,” CII manager Natalie Brooke said. “She’s able to express herself and her love of clothes and makeup, I think she does a great job modeling, whether it is on the runway or in photos.”

Part of being a model is representing the designer, a big part of that is the designers clothes. Audreys job is to make the clothes look great.

“When the designer designs their clothes they’ll make a certain size so not everybody is that size so an outfit she may be wearing may be a little too big for her so she has to make that outfit look fantastic regardless if it fits her or not,” Teresa said. “Your representing that designer, the designer is asking to model for them and your job is to make that outfit look like everybody wants it.”

Garcia’s interests span outside of the fashion industry and decided to enroll in the NAVY to become a general surgeon. She said the NAVY has the best medical field out of all military branches, but hopes to continue modeling somewhere in the future.

“I’ve already figured out what I want to do with my life because I’ve enlisted,” Garcia said. “But I would love to model in the future whether it be from now to before I leave, or even after I get out and maybe go to New York and try modeling for an agency.”