A Dino-mite Company Owner


Rex Wadsworth

This is one of Rex’s digital works. As shown in the picture, it advertises his “‘In You Face Dino’” t-shirt.

Elena Mexicano, Staffer

Along with the hardship of balancing school work and a part-time job, senior Rex Wadsworth miraculously manages to create quality, authentic merchandise for his very own company, Tyranno Graphics & Co. While other students are trying to catch up on homework or sleep, he works feverishly late at night, crunching out designs and working out different ideas in his mind. With the powers of caffeine and inspiration, Wadsworth begins to take his first steps towards his path to economic success. Wadsworth, spunky and hopeful, is an artist who turns the ordinary into his very own profitable creations.

“I’m with Rex a lot, and [I’ve noticed that] he always looks at things differently from how I look at them,” senior Robert Perez said. “He can look at [anything] and make a whole artwork out of it, rather when I just see it as [it is]. He knows how to make something out of nothing, [and] can turn anything into a piece of art. It [always] looks pretty cool.”

Tyranno Graphics & Co. has a wide variety of merchandise to choose from, including “torso covers,” hoodies, hats, socks, art prints, crop tops and backpacks. Currently, Wadsworth is also working on skateboard decks, bandanas, buttons, lapel pins, stickers and shoes.

“Most of the artwork in all of my products are based on my own personal interests; the company in itself is like an art project to me,” Wadsworth said. “If I had to define it, the clearest thing I can say is that it’s a mixture of my heavy interest in Asian culture, 1950s and 60s graphic design and surreal art. You really have to look at my store to experience it; it’s more of a visual experience, as graphic design should be.”

Rex is inspired by several artists and concepts to create his stylish masterpieces.

“[I’m inspired by] Aaron Draplin, a graphic designer from Michigan, who has created a series of notebooks that I have always used to keep all my art and design ideas in,” Wadsworth said. “[I am also inspired by] Salvador Dalí, a Spanish Artist, who would paint very surreal paintings that I’ve always found super intriguing. I even used his name as an inspiration for one of my design series, Raldvosa Lída, [which is] a scrambled version of his name, focusing around surreal designs. 1950s and 1960s advertisements have also played a big part [as a source of] inspiration. From the photorealistic to the simple design, it’s a unique style that I believe should be appreciated. It was a unique time and nothing in the modern age compares to it. So I want to do my part to keep some of that alive.”

Visual arts teacher Chad Hardin said that Rex’s merchandise keeps up with newer times by digging up old visual concepts.

Rex’s brand seems unique to me due to the retro feel with a mixed blend of current events and trends that create a fresh new vibe,” Hardin said.

According to Wadsworth, his store is mainly geared towards the younger generations, but plans for that to change.

“My audience will most likely be young people, from young kids to millennials, primarily because of the topics and designs,” Wadsworth said. “The style of my products is more modern than anything, and will fit younger style tastes. My store is very diverse and always changing, so the goal is to have something for everyone.”

Wadsworth has no means of stopping his work anytime soon, and hopes to pursue his company far into the future.

“Ideally, if possible, I would love to make this a full-fledged company when I’m in college,” Wadsworth said. “If it could become my career, that would be awesome. It’s a dream. If I could one day have employees go run it, it would be easier to manage, and more efficient for sure.”

According to Perez, Wadsworth is bound for success.

“I see him having a lot of opportunities,” Perez said. “Even if it’s from the company alone, I feel like he can get offered a lot of jobs. I feel like he can make it own his own just with his company, because he has a lot of room to grow and a lot of potential.”

Wadsworth’s website can be found here. You can also follow his store on Instagram @tyranno.graphics.