It Was Their Hoops and Dreams

The Klein Collins Girls Basketball Junior Varsity Team Stays Undefeated in Districts


Trinity Ramm

The Lady Tigers Basketball team wins in a rematch against Klein High School, becoming district champions with a district record of 13-1.

Trinity Ramm, Staff Writer

After their winning season last year, the junior varsity (JV) girls’ basketball team was undefeated within district play this season until an overtime loss to Klein High School on Jan. 12.
They started the season 7-2 in out of district games, with their toughest game being against Tomball Memorial, according to JV Coach Woodrow Grossman.

“I feel like at the beginning of the season is always harder,” guard junior Kaylee Washington said. “We have to get used to each other as a team because every year is different. We’re starting off, we’re not completely sure of each other and our bonds aren’t as strong. As the season progresses and we get into districts, we’re more sure in each other and ourselves.”

According to Washington and guard sophomore Leslie Hernandez, strong bonds and great chemistry has led this team to major success during districts.

“When we’re on the court, we’ve all bonded together,” Washington said. “We work like a unit, like a machine. Most of us on JV have known each other for a long time, and the sophomores that came in have personalities that we can all work with. That all starts with being friends outside of basketball.”

According to Hernandez, the team’s defense is the on-court force driving the team win after win. On the offensive end of the court, she says stronger passes will help in scoring.

“Our toughest opponent has probably been Klein Forest,” Hernandez said. “It’s not because they were really good, but because we were playing really poorly, and we weren’t there mentally. It was a challenge because we were playing against ourselves. We were getting down, panicking and making mistakes.”

According to post sophomore Madison Webb, the team is always trying to improve within themselves and as a team all together.

“Off the court, we tell each other what we need to do better,” Webb said. “[The team’s] not mean about it, but they do give you suggestions on what to do. We help each other out with homework and check answers with each other.”

The team lost to the Klein Bearkats in overtime,with a score of 43-33. The team will go through the district one more time until facing Klein again on Feb. 6 in their last game of the season.

“Currently, we’re doing really well in executing our plays and remembering what coach tells us to do when it’s time to do it,” Washington said. “We are also really good at catching up when we’re behind and maintaining that lead. We start off okay, then we finish strong.”