NFL Power Rankings Week One


Caleb Nogast, Staffer

  1. Buffalo Bills: (0-1)

Browns fans rejoice, there is a new worst team in the NFL, and it starts with Buffalo and ends with Bills. What other team can be in the last spot after they got smacked 3-47 by Joe Flacco and the Ravens? The Bills have the worst offensive line in football and it shows in the six sacks they allowed. There is also a very good chance that quarterback Nathan Peterman will never breathe on a football field again after he only completed five passes, threw two interceptions and actually had a passer rating of zero. Even with a change at quarterback, I do not think anything will be able to stop the Bills from becoming this year’s Browns.

  1. Arizona Cardinals: (0-1)

The Cardinals defense had a terrible second quarter and it proved to be their downfall. However, their 24-6 loss to the Redskins at home can not be blamed on the defense, as the offense was downright awful throughout the entire game. If the Cardinals do not get their offense going they will be competing with Buffalo for the first pick in next year’s draft.

  1. Detroit Lions: (0-1)

The Lions may not have had high expectations coming into the season, but they definitely did not expect to get blown out 48-17 at home against the Jets. Nothing went right for the Lions and they’re going to have to figure out a way to win football games without relying only on their quarterback Matthew Stafford.

  1. Tennessee Titans: (0-1)

The Titans played in the longest game in NFL history against the Dolphins due to multiple weather delays. In the process, their three best players, quarterback Marcus Mariota, tight end Delanie Walker and left tackle Taylor Lewan, all suffered injuries. Walker is out for the season, and Mariota and Lewan are both questionable for next week. Without their stars, Tennessee will be one of the worst teams in the NFL for the rest of the season.

  1. Oakland Raiders: (0-1)

Here are the steps to destroying a playoff bound football team. Step one, make the fanbase hate the team for relocating to Las Vegas in the future. Step two, hire an overrated coach that has not coached a game since 2008. Step three, trade away a third-round pick for a player that will eventually be cut. Step four, make terrible transactions throughout the offseason. Step five, make the fanbase hate the team even more by trading away the best player on the team and barely get anything in return. Then watch as he scores more touchdowns than the team’s quarterback does. That is how you get the 2018 Oakland Raiders, folks.

  1. Indianapolis Colts: (0-1)

Even with the loss against the Bengals to begin the year, the Colts should not feel too bad. Quarterback Andrew Luck is back and almost led the Colts on a game winning touchdown had it not been for a costly fumble that was returned for a touchdown. The Colts should be much higher on this list by the time the season is over.

26: Cleveland Browns: (0-0-1)

Congratulations Browns fans! For the first time since December 2016, the Browns did not lose a game. However, they did not win the game. The Browns defense was great against the Steelers, forcing six turnovers. But, the offense benefited from bad calls and a worn-out defense, and still could not get the win. Only time will tell if week one tie against the Steelers was just a fluke, or if the Browns are actually a team on the rise.

25: Miami Dolphins: (1-0)

The Dolphins outlasted the Titans in the longest game ever. Ryan Tannehill came back from missing all of last season and looked better than ever. The Dolphins look good so far and will be playoff bound if their strong performance against Tennessee continues.

  1. New York Giants: (0-1)

The Giants did better than anybody could have expected against the Jaguars stellar defense, but in the end most teams live and die with their quarterbacks, and the Giants went down with theirs. On a positive note, rookie Saquon Barkley lived up to the hype with 100 yards in his first game ever. If Eli Manning can improve his play, the Giants will be back to the playoffs after missing them last season.

  1. Dallas Cowboys: (0-1)

The Cowboys are definitely the most disappointing team from Week 1. Dak Prescott needs to prove he can carry the team on his shoulders or else the Cowboys might want to look into getting Tony Romo to come out of retirement.

  1. Seattle Seahawks: (0-1)

No team has quite fallen from grace quite like the Seahawks have in recent years. They have lost just about every major player from when they were Super Bowl champions, outside of quarterback Russell Wilson and linebacker Bobby Wagner. The Seahawks can no longer win with just Russell Wilson and if they do not make improvements to the offense, they will definitely miss the playoffs.

  1. New York Jets: (1-0)

Nobody expected the Jets to march into Detroit and even come close to beating the Lions, especially after quarterback Sam Darnold threw a pick-six on the first play of the game. But, the Jets exploded after that and won 48-17. The Jets were amazing in every aspect of the game and could even be playoff bound if they keep it up.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals: (1-0)

The Bengals were coming off of a disappointing 7-9 season, so winning in Indianapolis was a huge victory for them. Sure, they did not play the best, but their defense was able to save them in the end.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: (1-0)

Ryan Fitzpatrick made some fitzmagic happen in New Orleans and helped lead to a 48-40 upset win over the Saints. Fitzpatrick was offensive player of the week and might even keep the starting quarterback job after Jameis Winston’s suspension is over, if Fitzpatrick keeps up his amazing play.

  1. San Francisco 49ers: (0-1)

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo signed a five year, 137 million dollar contract during the offseason. In Week 1, Garoppolo lost the first game of his career to the Vikings. Garoppolo had the worst game of his career, throwing three interceptions, and made the 49ers look pretty dumb for giving him an insanely huge contract. The 49ers have high expectations this season, and if the Vikings game is any indication, they are not going to meet those expectations.

  1. Denver Broncos: (1-0)

The biggest problems for the Broncos after they won the Super Bowl were poor quarterback play and an underperforming defense. Both of those were not a problem in their 27-24 win over the Seahawks. The Broncos play in the toughest division in the NFL, but if they play the way they did against Seattle, that should not be a problem for them.

  1. Chicago Bears: (0-1)

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers went down with an injury and Chicago took advantage of it with a 20-0 lead early in the game. Their newest addition, linebacker, Khalil Mack dominated the Packers offense before Rodgers went down, and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky looked much better than he did in his rookie season. Eventually Rodgers came back into the game and made an epic comeback, but Chicago could be a major underdog this season, and NFL teams should look out for them.

  1. Atlanta Falcons: (0-1)

The Falcons lost to the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles, and quarterback Matt Ryan looked horrible. The only bright spot for the Falcons was wide receiver Julio Jones. Atlanta was a Super Bowl contender going into the season, and they can not afford another loss like the one they suffered against the Eagles.

  1. Houston Texans: (0-1)

Opening up against the best team in the NFL is not an easy task. Unfortunately that does not give the Texans an excuse to play as poorly as they did offensively. The Texans defense did as well as any defense could have done against the Patriots, but quarterback Deshaun Watson, who is coming off of a torn ACL, looked extremely rusty. Houston is going to have improve their performance if they want to keep up with the Jaguars in their division.

  1. Washington Redskins: (1-0)

The Redskins made a controversial decision this offseason letting quarterback Kirk Cousins leave and trading for Alex Smith to replace him. This decision looked good so far as Washington cruised to a 24-6 win over the Cardinals in Arizona.

  1. Los Angeles Chargers: (0-1)

The Chargers are fresh off of a 38-28 loss against the rival Chiefs, and their performance was a mixed bag. Quarterback Philip Rivers and the rest of the offense look great outside of one costly interception, but the defense was destroyed by Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II. The Chargers are in for another mediocre season if they do not do something about their defense.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers: (0-0-1)

Going into this season, the Steelers looked like the only team that could take on the Patriots. But in week one, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger turned the ball over five times and the Steelers tied the laughing stock of the NFL. This was one of the ugliest games the Steelers have ever played. It could have been rust, it could have been the downpour of rain, or the Steelers dominance could just be over.

  1. New Orleans Saints: (0-1)

The Saints offense scored 40 points against the Buccaneers but, their defense allowed 48 points and the Saints got upset at home by the Buccaneers. Just like the Steelers, this game could just be a one time fluke from the Saints, or it could be a sign of what is to come for the rest of the year.

  1. Carolina Panthers: (1-0)

The Panthers strong defense put on a stellar performance against the Cowboys, while the offense managed the game leading to a 16-8 win over the Cowboys. Quarterback Cam Newton needs to elevate his play if the Panthers want a shot at winning a playoff game this year.

  1. Baltimore Ravens: (1-0)

The Ravens beat the worst team in the NFL 47-3 in a flawless performance. There is nothing else to say.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: (1-0)

Jacksonville looks like they have regressed from last year’s playoff team, but that did not stop them from taking down the Giants 20-15. The defense still looks great, but much like Cam Newton, Blake Bortles needs to step up.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs: (1-0)

Any doubts Kansas City fans had about trading quarterback Alex Smith away and starting Pat Mahomes were washed away last Sunday. Mahomes dropped bombs all over the Chargers defense and walked out of Los Angeles with four touchdowns in his debut.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles: (1-0)

Even without offensive stars Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery, the Eagles hung on to beat the Falcons at home 18-12. Philadelphia’s defense was amazing especially in the red zone where they only let the Falcons score once out of the five times they ventured down there. The Eagles defense should help the Eagles stay afloat until quarterback Carson Wentz comes back from an injury.

  1. Minnesota Vikings: (1-0)

Quarterback Kirk Cousins signed a three year deal worth 84 million dollars. Last Sunday, Cousins earned every penny of that ludicrous contract leading the Vikings to a 24-16 win over the revamped 49ers. Minnesota’s defense also looked amazing getting three takeaways and sacks.

  1. Los Angeles Rams: (1-0)

After a slow start in the first half, the Rams exploded in the second half to beat the Raiders 33-13. The Rams have arguably the best roster in all of the NFL and it looked the part on Monday night.

  1. Green Bay Packers: (1-0)

Aaron Rodgers was carted off the field in the first half of Sunday Night Football, seemingly ending the Packers’ dreams of a fifth Super Bowl. Then Rodgers came back in the third quarter with a vengeance and carved up the Bears defense with one leg. As of right now, Green Bay will have a date with the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

  1. New England Patriots: (1-0)

As long as the Patriots have Tom Brady and do not lose a game, expect them to be sitting at this number one spot all the way to the Super Bowl.