After 7 long years, Texans fire Bill O’Brien

Riley Wallace, Staffer

Bill O’Brien was the head coach for the Houston Texans for seven years. The Texans organization decided it was time for Bill O’Brien to be fired after Bill O’Brien made the playoffs five times as the Texans coach. He was fired because the 0-4 start to the 2020 season.

O’Brien got the general manager position in 2020, right after he got the General Manager job. He immediately made the worst trade in NFL history by trading DeAndre Hopkins and a fourth round draft pick for David Johnson and a second round pick and a fourth round pick. 

Bill O’Brien has been in the coaching business since 1993 but this was the first time he was the head coach for a professional team. He was the head coach at Penn State, but that only lasted for one year. 

The Texans were in a lot of trouble with Bill O’Brien as head coach. He’s had many bad trades, such as Hopkins and Clowney. Despite this, he helped the team make playoffs six out of the seven years. 

The week after Bill O’Brien got fired, Romeo Crenel stepped in to coach the Texans. The first week, he showed that he could be the future head coach for the Houston Texans. They scored 30 points against the Jacksonville Jaguars and 36 points against the Tennessee Titans. The Texans didn’t have a 30+ point game this season until they fired Bill O’Brien. There has been improvement in the offense and how well they are getting down the field since then.