Softball in the Midst of Covid


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Nadia Almanza, Daniela Gutierrez, Abigail Ramirez, Arwin Callaway, and Kylee Jacks are ready to take the field, even during Covid.

Jules Cuarenta, Staffer

2020 was a year dedicated to adapting to new ways of living. Now there are extra precautions due to COVID-19, therefore affecting traditions around schools. Last season, KC was ready to defend their All-District Champions title but it all came to a sudden end because of COVID.

Coach Meghan Fisher’s first year coaching was cut short but she is focused on growing with her team this year.

“This year, KC softball will be playing in District 15-6A with teams from Klein Collins, Klein Oak, Klein, Klein Cain, Klein Forest, Tomball, and Tomball Memorial,” Fisher said.

At the same time, Fisher and the team will grow together through the season. 

“I have been able to continue building relationships and trust with my players,” Fisher said. “I’m taking the time to get to know them on more than just a ‘softball’ level. I think that it is extremely important for your players to trust you as a coach so that they buy into the team and the program.” 

Junior Arwin Callaway and sophomore Daniela Gutierrez are leaders on and off the field. Both being starting varsity players their freshman year, they have grown as strong players.

“I have seen myself building more confidence in my abilities as I have grown as a player and a teammate,” Callaway said.

Similar to Callaway, Gutierrez explains how she has grown as well.

“I feel I have gained a lot more confidence because last year I had no confidence in myself, especially when I would get in the box,” Gutierrez said. “This year, I feel that since I know my teammates better I have more confidence being with them and use the information when they tell me what I could do to improve on my skill sets.”

Growing with one another and knowing how last season was cut short, Fisher and her team have taken a new approach to this season.

“Last season made many of us realize that any day could be the last,” Fisher said. “Having that mentality every day, regardless of whether it is the practice or a game, is crucial and will help our program evolve even more.” 

Taking new approaches this year has prepared them for this upcoming season which is crucial not only as an individual but for the team’s goals. Fisher explains what her team has done to prepare for this season.

“We spent a lot of time in the weight room and conditioning during the fall to ensure we were getting stronger and improving our speed and quickness,” Fisher said. “We have recently started practicing and are trying to break down the game to prepare ourselves for different situations.”

Preparing for a season is critical for student-athletes like Callaway and Gutierrez. They have put in noticeably extra practice to work towards their goal for this season.

“I have been practicing with the team every day and after school,” Callaway said. “I go hit at the cages and work on fielding, I also go to lessons every week.”  

Likewise, Gutierrez has constantly put in work behind the scenes. 

“I have been working out a lot during quarantine,” Gutierrez said. “I really put myself to it and conditioned more so I could stay on the field longer and be prepared for the heat.” 

Working towards season means taking action in improving personal skill sets. Providing any form of strength to a team could be highly beneficial to a great season, but with every strength, there is a weakness.

“I can provide knowledge of the game, a competitive mentality, and attention to detail,” Fisher said. “We have seen a lot of great things already but are looking for consistency on offense. As a team, we will always need to play as a family so nothing ‘off the field’ distracts us.”

An athlete can always strive to better their strengths but an athlete is only as good as their weakest link. Callaway and Gutierrez are student-athletes that are always hustling to exceed past their weaknesses.

“I can provide a voice on the field by leading my team,” Callaway said. “I am also confident in my abilities and what I bring to the team. My weakness is getting on myself to become perfect.” 

In like matter, Gutierrez provides similar qualities.

“My strengths could be talking and my hitting,” Gutierrez said. My weakness is when I get down on myself I stop talking and shut everyone out when I make a mistake.” 

Despite the 2020-2021 COVID season, the Tiger softball program has worked non-stop in perfecting their weakest links daily to achieve their overall goals.

“We have a large varsity roster this year, which will include a lot of depth both offensively and defensively,” Fisher said. “We will also have a pitching staff that will keep opponents on their toes. I expect us to finish at the top of our district and make a deep run in the playoffs.” 

The team is not only concerned for their desired finish but playing as a family for a whole season due to COVID.

“I expect a full season,” Gutierrez said. “I have yet to even experience the whole high school year so I hope I get to experience a whole softball season. We’ll see how that goes and hope COVID doesn’t ruin anything for anyone and we just stay healthy.”