Super Bowl Commercials: Favorite and Least Favorite


Drake stars in State Farm’s new commercial joining NFL stars Arron Rodger and Patrick Mahomes III

Riley Wallace, Staffer

Many people watch the Super Bowl for reasons other than just the football game. The commercials get a lot of attention for their creative themes and funny portrayals of ordinary American companies or products. A lot of people watch it for the commercials. The Super Bowl commercials are a big part of the Super Bowl because so many companies work so hard to make the best commercials. Each 30 second commercial for the super bowl is around 5.5 million dollars NBC Sports said in an article. Outlined below are three of my favorite commercials and my least favorite for the 2021 Super Bowl.


My Favorites:

My favorite commercials included  the State Farm Commercial introducing Drake, The Amazon commercial showing off their new Alexa with Michael B. Jordan as the Alexa voice, and Cheetos introducing their crunch pop mix with singer Shaggy and a parody of his hit song “It wasn’t me”. 

  1. State Farm: 

Nobody was expecting the introduction of Drake in the new State Farm commercial that Jake from State Farm and the company was teasing up until the big game. Drake is now in a big group with two of the biggest names in the NFL, Arron Roders and Patrick Mahomes II. The commercial was very funny and the whole drake introduction was cool and surprising to see!

  1. Amazon Alexa:

The Alexa commercials were teasing a few seconds of their commercial a few days before the Super Bowl, but it only showed a few seconds of the one minute commercial. The commercial contains some funny moments with Michael B. Jordan as the voice of Alexa.

     1. Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix:

But my favorite commercial out of all of them was the Cheeto commercial with the parody of the singer Shaggy’s hit song “It wasn’t me. The commercial contained Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and the singer Shaggy. Kunis and Kutcher are a real life couple and they said that the commercial really does relate to their real life.  


My least favorite:

My bottom three commercials are just weird and plain like Will Ferrell, Kenan Thompson, and Awkwafina Vow to Crush Norway, Amy Schumer’s the Fairy Godmayo, and Jason Alexander hoodie. 

  1. Will Ferrell, Kenan Thompson, and Awkwafina Vow to Crush Norway:

The commercials contained just some boring scenes and it just doesn’t really make sense. Will Ferrell just looked very creepy and I just feel like the commercial didn’t make sense to me. 

  1. Jason Alexander gets stepped on, spit on, and sat on for Tide: 

 The Tide commercial was just very out of place and didn’t make a lot of sense to me. It was very weird how they did the whole commercial by making someone’s face into a hoodie. 

  1. Amy Schumer’s the Fairy Godmayo: 

This commercial was just very plain and cringy to me because it just doesn’t seem like a commercial that any company would make for that price. It was just really a waste of the money and time; they could have made a way better commercial than that.