MLB Lockout: the facts and fury that you need to know.


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Fans holding up signs in protest of lockout. Photo Credit: FANSIDED

Jessica Nettles, Staffer

Six weeks after the Major League Baseball (MLB) lockout, which started on Dec. 2, little progress has been made. A Major League Baseball Lockout is an ongoing work stoppage. This one marks the ninth in MLB history.

The current lockout is due to the owners and players association not being able to agree on the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The agreement covers many things such as free agency,  how the season will play out, the rules of the game, and much more. The Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) has been trying to resolve the issue, but no real progress has ensued.

Until an agreement is reached, no MLB season will be able to begin. This includes neither trades nor signing new contracts with players as well as minimal communication between players and their coaches.

The owners hope for minimal damage and changes to occur in this dispute and hope to expand the number of playoff teams from 10 to 12. This request comes with controversy with some saying this comes for financial purposes and others say this will benefit the players. Other requests include: a minimum salary for players, teams to spend more and be more competitive.

Last year, the Baltimore Orioles spent $42 million on player salaries compared to the league average of $127 million and the Los Angeles Dodgers salary was $271 million. Tanking, a tactic used by teams, is where they purposely make their team bad so that they can get higher draft picks and save money.

This is the first lockout in 26 years. The 1994 strike lasted from August 12, 1994, and ended on April 2, 1995. This marked the first time an American sports team lost their whole postseason and 948 games were canceled in total, causing a massive financial loss.

The length of the lockout is uncertain for now, but compared to past lockouts, the future looks bleak for MLB. Fans, teams, and players alike, are all hoping for a swift and peaceful resolution to this lockout.