Present Woes

Addison Hollan, Writer

People always talk about what their favorite gift they got for Christmas was, but what about their least favorite? What was it? Why didn’t they like it? What will they do with it? Some people might not admit when they don’t like a gift they got because they probably feel bad and don’t want to hurt the gift giver’s feelings. 

There are many reasons why people may not like their gift. Either it’s something not in their style, something they have no use for, or it’s not what they wanted to get. It all just depends on what the gift was and who it was gifted to.

“My least favorite gift I got for Christmas was socks, because who wants to get socks for Christmas?” sophomore Chloe Hickman said. “I’m still going to wear them though.” 

Most kids hate the idea of getting clothing for a Christmas gift. 

“$20 because it was the least amount I got,” sophomore Brandon Carrera said. “I’m just going to save it until I want something.” 

Money is great, but if it does not buy anything the giftee wants, then it seems useless.  

“Getting a ‘My Little Pony’ doll,” senior Kirah Blanchard said. “I never liked them and I don’t know why people think I do. I’m just going to give it away.” 

Sometimes the gift is given to someone who can appreciate it more. 

“All the gifts I got were great,” sophomore Mikayla Hale said. “I got a book that wasn’t on my book list I guess, but that’s really the only reason why it’s my least favorite. I still plan on reading it eventually, yes, but not my first choice.”

But sometimes a gift that is given might just be okay. Most people  get a gift that they don’t necessarily like, but they always find something to do with it. Sometimes it can be hard to find something to do with the gift, but there’s always something it can be used for. It could have use in your home, or it can have use in someone else’s

home. Just be grateful someone thought enough about giving a gift even if it is not something to rejoice.