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Leon Tolchinsky, played by sophomore Christopher Freitas (right) talks with Snetsky, played by freshman Manny Tijerina (left).

What “Fools” These Mortals Be

October 19, 2018

The Drama Club’s new play, “Fools,” opened Thursday, Oct. 18. It was a play originally written b...

Spring Snow Dessert Shop

Spring Snow Dessert Shop

October 2, 2018

Walking In: In Texas’ warm, sunny weather, Spring Snow welcomes customers to enjoy a chilled desser...


Spielberg “Posts” his latest blockbuster

April 1, 2018

Director Steven Spielberg released his latest movie “The Post” on Jan. 12. The film stars Meryl S...


Review: “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

February 7, 2018

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is the eighth, longest and most divisive installment in the Skywalker sa...


Review: “Justice League”

January 19, 2018

Review: “Justice League” “Justice League” was a production nightmare to maintain the incredible succes...


Review: “Songs of Experience” by U2

January 18, 2018

Irish rock band U2 released their latest album, “Songs of Experience,” a companion to their 2014 album...


Review: “The Flash” episode 4.1

November 30, 2017

After two disappointing seasons and a surprising finale cliffhanger at the end of last season, “The ...

Too Much Spice?

Too Much Spice?

November 10, 2017

1. Pumpkin Spice Oreos Unwrapping the package revealed bright orange frosting sandwiched between two...

The Tristan is one of nine pizzas offered on the MOD Pizza Classics Menu.

Review: MOD Pizza

October 10, 2017

THE SCENE On an early Friday evening, the doors of MOD Pizza are overflowing with hungry customers eag...

The seventh installment of the

“The Force Awakens” New Generation of “Star Wars” Fans

January 25, 2016

“Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” was released on December 18, 2015 and has since taken...

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