Meet the Heroes Behind the Kitchen


Klein Collins Food Services Staff

The Food Services Staff dressing up for Klein Collins Spirit Day.

Katrina Machetta, Copy Editor

Even before the school day begins, the cafeteria workers are hard at work, preparing breakfast and lunch for hundreds of students and staff each day. Their day begins before sunrise and ends mid-afternoon.

“We enjoy doing what we do. We are like a family here,” Robin Putty, Klein Collins Child Nutrition Manager, said. “We want students to have good access to the food they need.”

With the new hybrid learning option at the school, fewer students are eating at the cafeteria, but the workload continues. 

For Tewania Lewis, another Child Nutrition Manager, roles and responsibilities in the kitchen include prepping the kitchen for the day, receiving orders, serving food, doing administrative duties, and relying on each staff member to carry out their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Ricardo Alonso and Cissy Mateos rolling dough in the Klein Collins kitchen, preparing food for the students. 

The cafeteria has a variety of food options for the students including, but not limited to, a salad bar, Homestyle line, Snack Shop, Pizza Line, TexMex Line, Combo Line, and they are preparing a new Italian menu for students.

The Food Services employees work around the clock obtaining district, state, and federal training and serving weekend meals to students in the District’s Klein2Go program, which provides healthy meals for Klein Online students to enjoy while at home.

Waisara Winston, Marta Pineda, and Maria Cardenas baking cinnamon rolls for students’ breakfast.          

“The cafeteria workers are fabulous and friendly,” Lizzy Edwards, a junior at Klein Collins, said. “This year they have gone above and beyond in making sure the food for the Klein Online students is getting to them safely, and that takes extra time and preparation. I don’t think they get enough appreciation for what they do for us students and the school community.”

Each and every day the Food Services employees work with diligence and dedication to make sure every student is fed a variety of nutritious foods. They work closely with the students, staff, and dieticians at the school to make sure all the foods meet specific health standards and are delicious for all to enjoy.

Behind the kitchen, the Food Services staff work hard to cook success in ways that go beyond lunchtime.