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Music Students Make All-State Ensembles

Music Students Make All-State Ensembles
Monica Rojas

Eight choir, band and orchestra students advanced to the 2012 University Interscholastic League All-State level.

Four choir students and two band students were certified to All-State after try-outs on Jan. 7, and two orchestra students were certified last November.

“I didn’t think I was going to make it,” senior Jacob Edwards said. “I thought I sounded terrible but I actually came out as the highest ranking bass player in our region. It feels amazing.”

Edwards was chosen to play for the All-State philharmonic orchestra, the highest orchestra ensemble after ranking as the 22nd best upright bass player in the state. Edwards said his new-found mobility provided him with a means to refine his playing.

“I drive to school and have the option to stay after school as opposed to years past,” Edwards said. “So it was really just a matter of being able to practice at school with my instrument. And without my lessons teacher, Mr. Lee, I wouldn’t be comfortable with the instrument that I play. If anyone else has the option to take lessons, they definitely should.”

Three choir students, senior alto I Megan Curtner, juniors soprano I Michele Higgins and second-time All-Stater tenor II Justin Dresner, made the All-State mixed choir and one, junior second soprano Natalia Alamdari, the female choir. More students were accepted into the All-State choir this year than any other school in the district.

“We started with 60 kids auditioning and had four [students] make it all the way to All-State, so it’s a big deal,” head choir director Kasey Pope said. “Their success is all about their amazing talent and dedication to practice. Each of them has a real, innate sense of initiative. When they sing, they’re not just singing notes and rhythms, they’re expressing emotions and that’s very unique to find at this age.”

Students who make All-State are invited to perform at the 2012 Texas Music Educators Association clinic/convention in San Antonio on Feb. 11.

“[As far as band goes,] it’s a four-day convention where [we] re-audition, are placed in an ensemble and get to rehearse with amazing conductors from top conservatories,“ senior Lindsay Laird said. “This year Carl St. Clair from the Pacific Symphony will be conducting. It’s a life-changing experience.”

Laird was certified to All-State for her Oboe playing.

“I know that hard work brings success now,” Laird said. “If there’s something in the future that I want, I know that all I have to do is work really hard to get it. It’s what I want to do forever, to be a professional musician. It’s made me who I am, which is really cheesy, but it has.”

Students who make it to All-State attract the attention of universities and scholarship foundations, according to band teacher Barbara Streit.

“The area that we’re in includes three urban areas, so it’s very difficult to make all-state in our area,” Streit said. “There are quite a few colleges that will be interested in you if you make it to area and some may offer you a scholarship just by going to try-outs.”

Laird said that she believes that students’ full potential are not being reached.

“We could probably have more [All-Staters from the school],” Laird said. “The Woodlands high school had like 10 kids make it. Making All-State is a very big deal because our area is probably the toughest area in the state. But we have the resources of Houston, a giant art metropolis, so I think we could be getting more students in.”

Laird, Edward and Pope all said they attribute this year’s results to the student’s diligent practice.

“I would say their success is about their talent and their work,” Pope said. “Their willingness to learn, to be taught, their amazing talent and their overall work ethic is what got them so far. We think they’re”

Senior Dyland Ilseng became the 38th string bass member of the Concert band. Laird and junior flute player Cathryn Blackman’s bands have yet to be determined. Senior Kevin Dean was chosen as the second- alternate for the men’s choral ensemble.

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