TAP seeks new funding after Chick-fil-A becomes violation

Tigers After Prom (TAP), a lock-in designed to keep seniors safe by providing them with an alcohol- and drug-free after-prom activity, lost a major source of funding this year.

After the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued “Smart Snacks in School,” the Chick-fil-A biscuits that were sold as a fundraiser in previous years became a violation and were no longer allowed to be sold.

“USDA did a special exemption to the standards for foods and beverages that do not meet competitive food standards but which are sold for the purpose of conducting infrequent school-sponsored fundraisers,” KISD Nutrition and Food Services Director Jamal Hazzan said. “USDA stated such exempt fundraisers must not occur more often than the frequency specified by the State agency. Our state agency, Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), set stricter regulations.”

According to the TAP committee, formed by current senior parents, Chick-fil-A raised close to $25,000 for TAP and was their main source of funding until tickets went on sale.

“To make up for the loss of Chick-fil-A as a fundraiser, we sold the ‘Pink Out’ t-shirts for the game against Klein Oak,” President of TAP Committee Alissa Strawn said. “We are also having fundraisers like Bunco Night and Menchies.


Throughout November, Menchie's will be donating 20% of sales when customers mention TAP 2015.
Julia Wells / Legacy Media
Throughout November, Menchie’s will be donating 20% of sales when customers mention TAP 2015.

Even with the loss, the committee is still aiming to host a fun-filled and entertaining event, similar to previous years.

“I think what may be different is the way that seniors will earn prizes,” Strawn said. “They will be able to earn raffle tickets by helping us out or by purchasing their TAP tickets early which will earn them five raffle tickets and increase their chances of winning prizes.”

Although the committee is planning on TAP being successful, senior Michelle Inciarte, who had a chance to attend TAP last year, has uncertainties about this year’s event.

“Taking away a primary source of income for TAP also takes away a majority of the outcome,” Inciarte said. “It makes me worry if the committee will have enough resources to make it successful.”

­­­Despite the doubts of some students, other remain hopeful at the prospect of enjoying one of their last nights together.

“Chick-fil-A helped so much with the cost of activities offered at TAP, that I’m not sure how fun it will be,” senior Nicole Vu said. “Regardless, I’ll have a great time at TAP as long as I’m with all of my friends.”

Tickets are currently $75, but will rise to $100 on Nov. 21. Learn more about tickets and other fundraisers here.