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Svannah Nguyen , Online Editor-in-Chief

I find writing a biography one of the most difficult tasks to do. I never know what to say, what I should tell the reader or what they would want to know about me. Well, I guess in a biography I’m supposed to answer the usual questions: Name? Hobbies? Favorite color, food and musical artist? And of course the one I see most often: three words that describe me.
To which I would answer: Svannah Nguyen. Writing, blogging and shopping. Any colors that complement me. I eat anything and everything. The Neighbourhood. Undefined, limitless, infinite.
This is where the hard part comes in. The part where I’m supposed to get deeper than just answering the surface questions. It’s tough trying to fit all aspects of myself into 250 words, or what remains of it. 116 words: I’m a very particular person, I like everything to have its place and for everything to be organized. 96: My brain is at 10 different places at a time, making focus a challenge, but one could say I’m great at multitasking. 73: I’m open-minded. I prefer to give everyone and everything a chance before I form my opinions. 56: I’m not sentimental or overemotional which makes me the worst at comforting people. 42: I. Overthink. Everything. As do most females. 34: I go with the flow but constantly worry about the future. 22: I guess that’s me in a nutshell, or at least what I can think of for now since I’m at 0.

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Svannah Nguyen