PSAT in a Pandemic


Image Courtesy: (ISTOCKPhoto-Getty Images)

Katrina Machetta, Copy Editor

On Oct. 14, all Klein Collins students except seniors have the option to take the college readiness test called PSAT/NMSQT on-campus. The PSAT score is used for students when applying to scholarships, colleges and academic programs.  It is also used by the counselors and administrators to gauge the readiness of each student for the SAT.

The test is comprised of three sections: Reading, Writing & Language and Math. Students have designated time allotted to each section with a proctor in each classroom monitoring the students. Specific safety protocols and social distancing will be implemented before, during and after testing.

“I think my score for the PSAT will help me improve and study for the SATs to work on my strengths and weaknesses in order to get a good score on the SATs,” junior Nataly Cardoza said. “I feel really focused on this year’s PSAT, since this year I will be taking the SATs, and I feel confident enough to do my best.”

The PSAT’s maximum score is 1520 and that score determines whether students qualify academically for the National Merit Scholar program. This program is a nationally recognized scholarship program awarded to students across the country with the highest Selection Index Scores on their PSAT during their junior year of high school. 

Utilizing the PSAT results enables students to also access full-length SAT practice tests and tutorials on the CollegeBoard website.  Students will have the opportunity to practice building stamina in preparation for the four-hour SAT test taken during senior year.

The PSAT test is offered on campus free of charge for all students. Klein Online students were given the opportunity to come on-campus and take the exam, while Klein On-campus students were automatically registered to take the test. To learn more about the PSAT test, click the PSAT link.