Senior Uses Talent to Impress on Stage

While on stage, the stares of the audience seem hotter than the lights hanging above. Being judged weighs more on the mind than remembering what one needs to say. I have felt and embraced this pressure before, not as an actor or singer, but as a public speaker.

I often surprise people when they hear me speak so easily in front of a large group. Being the reserved person I am, I often hear the remark, “wow, I didn’t even know you talked.” Being reserved, but not necessarily shy, I feel that I do not get chances very often to show people how charismatic and enigmatic I can be. Therefore, I take advantage of any chance I get to do so.

I began my public speaking career, in eighth grade. Being band president at the time, I was obligated to speak at concerts. I informed the crowd about concert etiquette, recent band accomplishments and events to come. While I looked forward to making speeches more than some of my peers, I still had little experience in the field.

I developed from a slouching, quiet boy staring at his papers while speaking, to a captivating and alluring orator in a matter of a few months however, I had a long way to go if I wanted to make a career out of this talent.

I enjoy public speaking because I do not share fear others have of it. I have never thought of it as being an impossible feat or something that could ruin my social reputation if I slipped-up. It is just talking after all, which people do most of the day. Along with that, almost everyone in the crowd can relate with the speaker on stage. So I figure, while on stage I need only seem confident, and everyone will be impressed with my style. I have to make sure I do not put too much emphasis or embellishment in my speeches, which challenges me the most because I find it very easy to start rambling while trying to make myself look smart or over-enthusiastic.

I am one of the fortunate people that have a knack for public speaking, a knack I will be able to take advantage of for the rest of my life. It has boosted my confidence and brought me from a shy, awkward pre-teen to a more confident young man. I dream of being a news reporter or even an anchor, or anything that utilizes my voice. Still, I think good communication skills will be necessary in any career path I chose. Thankfully, I will be able to use the skill to propel me through life.