“American Idol” Trumps “The Voice”


The “American Idol” auditions this year exceeded 10,000 people per city. The three judges, Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, evaluate contestants with dreams of becoming famous singers. Contestants are put through producers and are then given to the judges to determine if they move onto the Hollywood elimination round.

However eye-catching the new show “The Voice” may be, it cannot beat the classic “Idol” dream.

On “Idol”, participants’ continuation is determined by singing, stage presence and personality. In “The Voice,” judges face the opposite direction of the contestants, therefore judging only on voice. However, a big part of being a star is combining the abilities to perform as well as sing. Viewers do not want to see contestants who just stand on the stage and sing.

Young artists such as Carrie Underwood, who once worked on her family’s farm, and Chris Daughtry, who sold auto parts, rise to their full potential. Both of these individuals grew up dreaming to be an “American Idol”. Thousands of Americans carry that dream to this day.

After making it through the auditions, contestants go through Hollywood week which the judges pick out only the best of singers with stage presence and the potential of a musical career. Even viewers agree “American Idol” is one of a kind. According to Nielson Company, “American Idol” was ranked number two and three on a list of weekly top network shows during the week auditions were aired. “The Voice” ranked at number four during their audition week. “American Idol’s” Wednesday and Thursday show both had over 18 million viewers while “The Voice” only had a little over 16 million.

“American Idol” is a true journey. The contestants come with one dream and one purpose that they must truly fight for. People may argue that “The Voice” has fair auditions, but “American Idol” challenges the contestants in every aspect including voice, stage presence and confidence.