Donald Trump

Republican Party Nominee

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump expressed his opinion on making college more affordable in an interview with “The Hill” in July.

“[College tuition] is probably one of the only things the government shouldn’t make money off,” Trump said. “I think it’s terrible that one of the only profit centers we have is student loans.”

Trump plans to encourage universities to lower tuition costs, but offered very few details about how exactly he is going to do so, according to “The Washington Post.”

“Not everyone has access to a good education,” sophomore Andrea Sosa said. “Free college gives people better opportunities for a proper education.”

According to Trump’s campaign site, he hopes his immigration plan will effectively secure the well-being of the American people. One of his plans includes building a southern border wall to stop illegal immigration, that would be funded by Mexico.

“It is an easy decision for Mexico: make a one time payment of five to ten billion dollars to insure that 24 billion continues to flow into their country,” Trump said.

If Mexico refuses to pay for the wall he plans to block wired money transfers from illegal immigrants to the outside of the U.S., increase visa fees and halt visa distribution.
Some believe that the wall is a powerhouse that will lower the number of illegal immigrants and crime rates in America. Others however, believe that the wall is unrealistic and unethical.

“I don’t think the wall Trump proposes will be very effective,” Nuyda said. “Our nation was founded by immigrants for immigrants. They are hard workers who come for greater opportunities than the ones in their home countries. I think shutting them out is careless and cruel.”

In his nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Trump also expressed his intention to stop “catch-and-release,” which is the process of detaining an illegal immigrant and then promptly deporting them.

“By ending catch-and-release on the border, we will stop the cycle of human smuggling and violence,” Trump said. “Illegal border crossings will go down. Peace will be restored.”

He plans to end sanctuary cities, which are cities in the U.S. that shelter illegal immigrants, and eliminate President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty plan. This plan states that illegal immigrants who have resided in the United States for at least five years or have children that are U.S. citizens can obtain a 3-year work permit. This can also help them get a social security number and driver’s license.

“[Executive amnesty] wiped away the immigration rules written by Congress, giving work permits and entitlement benefits to people illegally in the country,” Trump said. “Obama and Clinton should stop meeting with special interests and start meeting with the victims of illegal immigration.”

In a speech delivered in Arizona, Trump spoke of plans to triple the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in hopes of keeping immigration levels within historical norms in his immigration.

“The time has come for a new immigration commission to develop a new set of reforms to our legal immigration system,” Trump said. “[These include establishing] new immigration controls to boost wages and to ensure that open jobs are offered to American workers first.”

The right to bear arms has been at the forefront of political debates. Trump’s view of this issue was voiced in his nomination acceptance speech that was delivered at the Republican National Convention.

“My opponent wants to essentially abolish the Second Amendment,” Trump said. “I, on the other hand, received the early and strong endorsement of the National Rifle Association and will protect the right of all Americans to keep their families safe.”

Trump plans to expand and bring back programs like Project Exile, which was a crime reduction strategy in Richmond, Virginia implemented to deter former and would-be offenders from carrying and using firearms.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” sophomore Nathaniel Lee said. “Yes, there are holes in the background checks but they cannot just take our guns away. It is a national right.”