Playoff game recap

On Nov. 16 the varsity football team played Atascocita and lost 32-27. The team won nine out of 11 games this season, ranking them 196 nationally and 27 in the state.

Atascocita started the game with a lead of 25-7 at halftime, but the Tigers made three drives at the six yard line during the first half.

“We fought hard,” senior Justin Pratt said. “We had a good season and only lost two games.”

Senior Nathaniel Edmonds passed eight for 13 for 116 yards. Pratt rushed with 27 carries for 193 yards. Senior Javon Richardson also rushed with 3 carries for 70 yards.

“We outgained offensive producing 21 downs compared to [Atascocita’s] 14 downs,” head football coach Drew Svoboda said. “Of the three drives two started inside the one yard line, both resulting in safeties.”

Pratt made four touchdowns while junior Quinton Newton made six catches and ran 100 yards.

“This group had a year to be proud of, ”Svoboda said. “To win nine football games with the difficult schedule we had reinforces the quality of the football team. The fact that both losses came basically in the last two teams a ten to one speaks volumes.”