Senior Sets Soccer Goals Higher

Lindsey Peng consistently shows extreme passion for playing her sport


Brooke Townsend

Kicking a soccer ball, senior Lindsey Peng reminisces about what she has learned. “Soccer has taught me time management, how to set your priorities and perseverance,” Peng said.

As the bus pulls up for a night of fierce competition, senior Lindsey Peng blasts her music through her headphones, just as she does before any away game. It has become part of her routine; a sort of ritual.
Peng started playing soccer when she was three, and her main inspiration for playing was the fact that her father used to play soccer.
“My dad played soccer in high school,” Peng said. “It was kind of like a bonding thing with him. He was always my coach, and then as I got older, it has always been something that keeps me active and helps to relieve stress.”
Compared to other players, Peng shows more attitude and discipline towards the game, which has made her a leader, according to her teammate junior Elizabeth Mata.
“Her ability to control the game makes her stand out amongst other players,” Mata said. “She knows every position, and she knows how to transition the game very well.”
Girls’ soccer coach Mark Pike has been Peng’s coach for the last two years and said that her high standards on and off the field have made other players follow in her lead.
“She works hard at what she is doing,” Pike said. “She is very competitive, goal-oriented and has been a central part of the team for the last two years.”
For Peng, soccer is not just about playing to win, but also about learning important life lessons that can be applied both on and off the field.
“Soccer has taught me how to deal with adversity and about how sometimes I won’t be the best,” Peng said. “But that doesn’t mean it is time to quit or find an easy way out. It means it’s time to work until I am where I want to be. It has also given me my competitive nature and is a big reason why I am successful in things like academics.”
According to Mata, Peng’s competitive attitude towards the game does not just help her academically, but it also helps motivate her team.
“It is really up to Lindsey to determine how we play when we go up against competitive schools like Klein and Klein Oak,” Mata said. “She tells us to play with our hearts out. We basically know ourselves better because of her. She motivates us as a team.”
After high school, Peng plans to go to a college with a great soccer program that can further her start in life.
“I’m going to be attending Trinity University,” Peng said. “Soccer has shown me what it means to be passionate about something, which is why I want to go into a career that will challenge me.”