‘Tangled’ will take you on a hairy adventure


The movie ‘Tangled’ was released in 2010 by Walt Disney Pictures. It is an animated version of the Brothers Grim 1812 tale of Rapunzel. In this version Rapunzel is kidnapped by a witch who then pretends to be her mother. In the movie she meets a guy named Flynn Ryder, and they go on her dream adventure.  Throughout the film they run into a series of problems that involve Flynn’s past and Rapunzel’s mother, but in the end it all works out to make her “happily ever after.”

The movie has many twists that keeps the audience paying attention. It is very a silly and upbeat movie with a good story line. The movie has serious moments but they are brief and help the story continue to the next part. In all reality, Tangled is a great movie to watch because it brings an old fairytale that we all know and love back to life. The movie truly represents how new twists can be put on ancient fiction.

Tangled is not just a movie for children, but parents as well. It is rated PG for very mild violence and its running time is one hundred minutes. It is a movie worth watching and sharing with friends and family.