No “Secrets” for Mary Lambert

Vulnerable, powerful, upbeat and serious. These words come to mind when listening to Mary Lambert’s new single: “Secrets.” Starting off with an upbeat, airy tune reminiscent of innocence and childhood, Lambert starts off by singing, “I’ve got bipolar disorder.”

The stigma surrounding mental disorders in popular culture such as bipolar disorder and depression is shattered. Being bipolar in society is looked down upon. Having any sort of mental disorder is frowned on, and that is completely wrong. Lambert understands this, and she decides not to shy away from singing something that could have labeled her as an “attention seeker,” “crazy” and many other nasty names that are commonly slapped on people who suffer from a common mental disorder. Lambert is not afraid of the stigma, and she opens a door for people to talk about it, which is another step to understanding it and removing the taboo.

Courtesy Photo of album cover


Lambert lists flaws such as wearing “mom jeans” and “cat earrings,” as well as revealing her dysfunctional family and several other things. Lambert is without a doubt baring it all to the apathetic view of critics and listeners all around. She puts a new spin on the now mainstream body positivity songs. This song is no doubt inspiring. Lambert pours her heart out to her audience, putting herself in a position of vulnerability. By saying, “I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are,” Lambert gets rid of the vulnerability and puts herself in a position of power. The world can know her secrets, and she is in control.

Despite its upbeat, almost childlike, tempo, Lambert has crafted a song that screams self-love with some goofy secrets, and some that are almost painfully serious.

Overall, “Secrets” is an amazing revamp of the body positivity songs that have become commonplace in today’s music. Its honesty, as well as the catchy, powerful chorus, has all it takes to be a song people will be talking about for years.