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Closing Gates Frustrate Students, Aid Teachers

photo by Lisette Oler

In order to relieve traffic within the faculty parking lot caused by pick-up and drop-off of students, the gates leading to the teacher parking lot closed on Jan.17. This change sparked student frustration and teacher appreciation.

“We noticed over the last several years that there was an increase of parents dropping off students in the faculty lot,” associate Principal Steve Matheson said. “It became a very dangerous situation where you had pedestrian traffic from the students, faculty members arriving and attempting to park and parents circling through the lot dropping off students. When you put the factors together it caused a potentially dangerous situation. When we closed the gates we eliminated the parent’s issue, and now the faculty can park more quickly.”

Sophomore Kim Halbert said the change inconvenienced her.

“I was pretty mad,” Halbert said. “My mom drops me off every day. I was thinking ‘well, why would they change something that’s been working for the past so many years?’”

Like Halbert, senior Diego Guala said he felt angry about the change.

“My first thoughts were ‘oh my god, what are you doing’,” Guala said. “I always come in through the side and my parents drop me off in front of the band hallway doors. The closing just makes driving so much more difficult.”

In addition to exasperating students, Halbert said her entire family feels the repercussions of this change.

“It’s affected our driving a lot,” Halbert said. “My parents used to drive later because it would only take me a couple minutes to walk to class but now it takes a couple minutes longer. They drop me off by the entrance to the football fields. I have to walk to Geometry which is on the complete other end. That means my parents have to get ready faster. I have to get ready faster. It’s a hassle.”

According to Guala, the change has affected the front drop-off circle more than the actual parking lot.

“I guess they were worried about the safety of students walking by but that just seems silly,” Guala said. “The change totally threw off the front circle. If they reopen the gates, it would be more convenient for everyone that gets dropped off in the front. I don’t really see there being much of a problem with people driving through the teacher parking lot.”

While the change negatively affected students, Math teacher Liz Salinas said the change was to the teacher’s advantage.

“It affected me more the other way,” Salinas said. “Before, if I got here at a little bit past 6:45 or 6:50, they wouldn’t let us turn into the bus parking lot so the teachers had to go up into the student parking lot and it took forever to get back to park. This way I can get into the bus parking lot and not worry about being stopped.”

Despite student complaints Matheson believes the new arrangement to benefit all and praises the students for their help.

“Our kids, as always have responded wonderfully, we really feel like it’s a much safer environment and a lot of that goes to the kids being flexible and accepting of the change, so kudos to the kids,” Matheson said.

The gates are unlocked after school once the busses leave campus.

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