School security questioned


Olivia Borg / Legacy Media

Officer T. Burrell patrols Klein Collins to keep students safe.

A stabbing occurred at Spring High School on September 4, leaving three students injured and claiming the life of Joshua Broussard, 17. With Spring High School’s close proximity, the incident has sparked a discussion of school security.

The stabbing at Spring High School brought strong reactions from the administration.

“Our hearts and thoughts went out to those affected in Spring High School,” Lead Associate Principal Steve Matheson said. “We immediately took an inventory over what we do here at Klein Collins to make sure we have everything in place to prevent a tragedy like that.”

Existing security measures have been in place to ensure students’ safety and keep it a top priority. One of the full-time campus police officers is Dennis Thornton.

“We have two full-time officers on campus, and in the area, we have at least one officer that roves,” Thornton said. “We’re proactive. We go out between every period in the corridors and hallways, along with the assistant principals to keep an eye on things.”

The administration believes that tactics such as random weapon searches will discourage students from bringing a weapon to school.

“We do random weapon searches through out the school year,” Matheson said. “So any student who thinks about bringing a weapon to their class thinks, ‘this might be the day a random weapon search may occur in my class,’ and they won’t bring that weapon to school.”

Matheson also commended the students and parents for their proactive efforts to keeping the school a safe environment.

“Our greatest asset for our security is our students because they will inform us and come forward with rumors, so that we can intervene on their behalf,” Matheson said. “We depend on and praise our students and parents for keeping Klein Collins a structured and safe learning environment.”

With much of the school year still ahead, the administration and security team are working hard to keep Klein Collins a school of “Excellence without Compromise.”