Students prepare for PSAT exam


Sophomores and juniors are scheduled to take the PSAT exam Oct. 16. Students are breaking out books and pencils to prepare.

For juniors, the PSAT could earn them National Merit Scholarships. This test has the power to determine their future and which college they might attend.

“It was difficult,” junior Lorie Tria said. “It was timed so it was different than other tests that I had taken.”

Tria also said that it would help not to cram last minute, and to space the studying out. According to her, varying study techniques can help prepare students for the test.

“When I was reading,” Tria said. “I would place a gummy bear at the end of a page and then eat it when I was done as a prize.”

The gummy bears served as a motivation for Tria to finish that page. Junior Maureen Lee says that prioritizing time while studying is important to get what needs to get done.

“I always did my class work first,” Lee said. “I didn’t want to study for the PSAT and not do my class work, because then my grades would slip. I used whatever time I had left to study for the PSAT after I finished my class work.”


Current juniors state that time management helped them to study, even with other tests and subjects. Students who have already taken the SAT said that the PSAT helped them a lot.

“I think the experience will benefit us,” sophomore Madison Troxler said. “I took the SAT in seventh grade and felt that if I had taken the PSAT first it would have helped and prepared me for that experience.”

It was a learning experience for Troxler, it taught her to take her studying more seriously because she learned her scores on the SAT and PSAT can earn you scholarships. She also stated to make sure that you do not stress out over studying.

“Space your studying out,” counselor Laura Castillo said. “You can do 15 minutes a day or 30 a day; just make sure you get your studying in.”

Castillo stated as well that taking breaks while studying can also be helpful because it will give time to process the information better. Some current juniors have the opinion that the PSAT is a learning experience .

“The PSAT is a great opportunity,” Castillo said. “It not only prepares you for the SAT and for college, it also helps with time management as well which can help the students throughout life.