Healthy lunch menus dropped from schools nationwide

Lack of student interest blamed as leading cause

Many schools nationwide are deciding to drop healthy options offered during school lunches. Thanks to the lack of students wanting a nutritious meal, thousands of dollars are being wasted on providing those options.

Students rely on the school to provide them with a nutritious meal. Because of this, they would be denied healthy food options available to them at lunch.

“If our school drops those options, I probably won’t eat lunch,” senior Daelen Patterson said. Everyone talks about how obese kids are, but then they do this.”

Students are not too worried about the nutrition value of their school diet. Like junior Logan McClesky, they could not care less what gets dropped off the menu.

“Here’s the problem,” McClesky said. “They have salad, but nobody wants it.  Yeah, people will get mad because their healthy stuff is gone, but we need that extra money to go to our school, not food.”

Like freshman Noah Youngblood, healthy or not, other students want nothing to do with the options provided in their school cafeteria.

“They have lots of food, but I don’t want any of it,” Youngblood said. “I like to bring my lunch so I know I can eat what I like.”

Even students who buy lunch everyday still are not satisfied with the options provided.

“I only like to eat the fruit served at lunch,” Patterson said. “The salad is really gross, which explains why they’re losing money. People just don’t want that.”

The KISD food services coordinator, Theresa Lane, explains her view on what they have in mind for the schools.

“Klein ISD is not on board with dropping healthy choices,” Lane said. “Since our high schools are so diverse, no money is being lost. At one school, where meals are mostly reimbursed another school puts together enough money to make up for it.”

Though many districts are making the decision to drastically change their menu, Klein ISD will not follow in line with them.  Going to the KISD website, a questionnaire is available for students to fill out what they would like to see on their lunch plate.