New Student Management

Skyward Family Access replaces Classroom Connection Center portal


Graciela Martinez

Skyward replaces Gradespeed as the student gradebook. Parents and students can also access grades through the Skyward Mobile Access app.

At the beginning of the school year, the Klein ISD replaced Gradespeed with a new student management software called Skyward. Skyward’s software includes electronic device management and schedule visibility.

A committee of about 90 representatives from different school districts looked at software companies to choose a new software program, and they unanimously voted for Skyward.

“The Klein ISD previously had two programs: PowerSchool SMS and Gradespeed,” Executive Director of Research, Accountability and Data for Klein ISD Victoria James said. “Two years ago, the Klein ISD was informed that Pearson would no longer technically support PowerSchool SMS. With that information, the district was left to search for a new student management software.”

Skyward allows parents to access report cards in the ‘Family/student success portal.’ Students have the ability to create their own accounts to monitor their grades, attendance and assignments.

“I like Skyward so far, because it tells you what assignments you are missing,” junior Tatiana Azar said. “I still like Gradespeed better because it was really simple and easy to handle, but Skyward has been helpful in knowing whether you are failing a class or not and when the term ends.”

Skyward has new features for teachers that automate processes that were run manually in years prior, which is one of the reasons why Skyward was implemented. It also automatically takes the grades from teacher’s records for progress reports and report cards.

“I recently had a student transfer from one period to another,” English teacher Kim Drain said. “In the past, I would have manually transferred all of the student’s grades. One click on Skyward transferred all the grades at once. It is the only system we will need to use this year.”

Skyward is used by more than 5,000 employees, 50,000 students and 100,000 parents/guardians in Klein ISD.

“Implementing a new student management software to a district this size can be a challenge,” James said. “However, the support from the community and the district has helped to make this as smooth a transition as possible.”